An Overview About Brawl Star

An Overview About Brawl Star

We all know about the popular games like the Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and the Clash Royale and now their developers are back with a new unique game known as the Brawl Star. Brawl star is the 3v3 top-down shooting game. As it is played online so players across the globe can compete here. Whenever you will succeed one level, you automatically unlock upgrades to the brawlers and the new characters and other game modes.

Things that you will discover in this game

Game Modes

The objectives of different modes are different, and there are 4 modes in this game but as the modes are selected at random so you can’t decide which mode you will be playing. The various modes are discussed below:

Smash & Grab: Here each team will have to grab crystals from the middle of the map during battling with the rival. If a player dies, then the whole team needs to drop their crystals in the battlefield. Whoever collects 10 gems and also be able to hold them for 16 seconds will be declared the winner.

Heist: In this mode, you can either play as a defender or the attacker. The work of the defender is to keep the locked safe which is protecting all the gems. It has a timer of 2.5 minutes, and if the lock is safe until the end, the defenders win if not then the attackers win.

Showdown: Only this mode is not 3v3, and here 10 players can play, and the brawler that can manage to stand as the last brawler will win. You need to minutely check the map as the attackers are ready to kill you anytime and as you won’t have the ability to respawn so be careful. The longer the time you stay alive, the bigger the reward.

Bounty: It is a team match. In this deathmatch, you have to brawl stars cheats defeat your rival and collect as many stars to win the game.

Brawl more info boxes

Brawl Boxes are like the treasure of this game. A person needs to give 100 coins or 10 gems to open this box. You can earn coin once you win the match and get the trophy and you unlock the next stage. If you open a brawl box, it can reward you with more brawl boxes or upgrade the character. The reward that you can get in a brawl boxes are:

New brawlers: Without unlocking a new brawler you can easily find a new brawler in this box, and you can start playing the game as the new brawler.

Chips: If the brawler that you will get in the brawl box is already present then you will be given chip. The chip can be used to buy the brawlers which you haven’t unlocked yet. For buying a cheap brawler, you will just need 3 chips, and a costly brawler can even cost you 600 chips.

You can also get many Brawl Star cheats, and Brawl Star hacks to win this game easily.